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We are the Digital Marketing Agency,

specializing in the services of social media marketing (SMM) for builders

Our project is for those who manufacture and sell construction materials and technologies all over the world and want to promote their products to the Ukrainian market

We have created a widespread network of advertising and information channels via leading social media with an emphasis on construction topics and we suggest to use its capabilities to quick and effective building of sales system for your products in Ukraine


To manufactures





If You are manufacturing:

- construction and finishing materials;

- facilities for home;

- IT-products for SMART HOME

Take advantage of our services, and we will find you clients in Ukraine!

We will do for you

Fast promotion of your brands and products in Ukraine

Active posting on specialized media channels in 7 social networks

Placement of your products in specialized online stores in social media

Building of effective feedback with a potential buyer


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social networks




promotion days

1 500

posts per year


mln. audience


Why You should pay attention to our project

We are the only branch SMM-project in Ukraine

We promote even those companies that are not presented in social media

We have the most massive audience in social networks among all construction-related mass media in Ukraine

We do business only with target audience

Our channels are filled with your potential buyers

Our project will provide you with fast promotion of goods and services in Ukraine

We will create for you a quick and understandable communication with potential Partners in Ukraine

Our channels will increase the link mass from Ukraine to your web resources

Working with us will improve the positions of your web resources in the search environment of Ukraine

Our project will have a positive impact on the development of the awareness of your brand in Ukraine

Working with us, you will significantly reduce marketing costs when entering a new market

Our work is systemic, and therefore the result will not be late in coming

Our media channels


Within the framework of the project, we are promoting your company for 340 days:

  • sites
  • news
  • promotional actions
  • brands
  • goods

By means of all message types:

  • posts
  • crossposts
  • tweets
  • pins
  • shares

Аnd related marketing tools, via our and partners channels in 7 leading social media:

  • facebook
  • google+
  • twitter
  • instagram
  • pinterest
  • linkedIn
  • youtube

At the end of the reporting period, we provide a statistical report on the executed work and the results achieved

The cost of annual participation in the project: 750 euro


More than 100 companies of Ukraine have already entrusted us with their promotion in social networks. Most of them are our customers for more than 6 years. Among them are major companies, as well as small ones, starting their way in business, enterprises and entrepreneurs. We respect and appreciate every client!


More Information

You can find out more information and order the service by filling in this order form. After we receive the order, our manager will contact you to discuss all details of cooperation and a detailed presentation of our services

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Sell in Ukraine

Choosing us - you choose a 42-million consumer market of Ukraine!






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